Work in Progress

It’s been a while. I must admit, I’ve neglected a bit my photography, because since the end of the school year, I’ve been working. I’m working 8h a day 4 days a week, and it’s a very hard job, so when I get home I’m exhausted.

However I decided to start to bring my camera to work, since I work outside, and maybe take some shots on my lunch break or on my way back.

Yesterday this paid off, for I was walking through the most gorgeous meadow and then through a very nice road. Those are the 2 keepers from the 30 photos I took:

Going home

After a long day


3 thoughts on “Work in Progress

    • Well, I did not use photoshop, but yes I did use lightroom to retouch the photo. I raised the contrast in the sky (giving it a more bright blue tone) and generally raised the vibrance of the photo.

      However the colours are beautiful mostly because it was a beautiful day, (and that’s why I took the photo), we had been working for days with overcast whether, and this one was magnific.


      • i c. anyway, i love this blue of sky, and all become even better because of the color of trees under this sky.

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